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DSC Alexor External Wireless Siren With Battery

DSC Wireless Alexor Siren with Battery
Model: SCW 9045/9047 Self contained

Special Offer $150.00 Inc GST(Ship Anywhere in Australia)

AUS CELL No. 1 Sealed lead acid battery

Product image
AUS CELL No 1This battery is forCJ12-2.3Model: CJ12-2.3
Description: 12V 2.3Ah 12 volt 2.3ah 12 v 2.3 amp battery For DSC, Alexor

DSC wireless external siren battery

Product image
DSC wireless external siren batteryThis battery is forEr34615m-t1Model: Er34615m-t1

Description: 3.6 Volt 14.5 Ah Factory Replacement Battery for WT4911 DSC 2 way Wireless external siren

DSCPowerSeries Wireless Alarm Battery

Product image
SCW 9045This battery is forSCW 9045Model: SCW 9045/9047 Self contained

Description: 7.2V 103mm, Lx 45mm Wx, 15mm H, Standard: 1500mAh

ZEAL Sealed Lead Acid Alarm Battery

Product image
AUS CELL No. 1 Sealed Lead Acid Alarm BatteryThis battery is forCJ12-7Model: CJ12-7

Description: 12V 7Ah, 2.46kgs, 150mm Lx 93mm H x, 64mm D, DSC alarm panel backup battery FOR: PC1500, PC1565, PC2550, PC5010 PC5015, PC5020, PC1616, PC1864


Product image
LITHIUM COIN BATTERY 20MMThis battery is forBR-2032Model: BR-2032

Description: 3V, 190mAh 20.0mm Dia x 3.2mm thickness For five button DSC 2 way remote control WT4989

Lithium CR123 Battery

Product image
Lithium CR123 BatteryThis battery is forCR123Model: CR123

Description: 3V Height 34,5 mm Weight 17 g Diameter 17,1 mm For: Wireless DSC PIR Detector WS4904P, Wirelessdoor/window contact WS4945, Wireless Smoke detector WS4916 (x2)
Wireless flood detector WS4985, Wireless glass break detector WS912L


Product image
LITHIUM COIN 3V BATTERY, 20MMThis battery is forCR2032Model: CR2032

Description: 3V

240mAh Coin, 20.0mm x 3.2mm For Secure Wireless Evolution remote control EV-REM-T

Coin Cell 3V Lithium Alarm Battery

Product image
Coin Cell 3V Lithium Alarm BatteryThis battery is forCR2025Model: CR2025

Description: 3V lithium, 163 mAh, 20mm Dia × 2.5mm H, Coin cell alarm batteries that power the wireless, DSC 4-button WS4939 keyfob

DSC 9055/9057 IMPASSA HC

Product image
DSC 9055/9057 IMPASSA HCThis battery is forSCW-BATTHCModel: SCW-BATTHC

Description: 7.2V 3600mAh

Factory Replacement Battery For DSC/ADT

We sell only in Australia we cannot sell outside Australia, Batteries cannot be sent by air plane or shipping by air only by road freight.
Dangerous & prohibited items

Lithium batteries
All lithium batteries are now classified as dangerous goods. They can’t be carried by air.

Australia Post can’t accept lithium batteries or devices containing them for mailing overseas or for domestic air carriage. These can only be transported within Australia by road transport.

All prices shown are in AUD$ (Australian Dollars) and include 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax).
Prices listed are subject to change without prior notice.

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